A complete suite for self-publishers

Start selling your eBook from your blog directly from the WordPress Dashboard

One-click Generation

You just have to choose the posts you want to include into your eBook and with one-click, you will generate your own eBook.

Multiple formats

We are now supporting the main eBook formats: EPUB2.0, EPUB3.0, Mobi, Microsoft Word (Docx) and Markdown are currently supported.

Extra Content

Aside from your blog posts you can add extra chapters into your eBook extending the content available to impress all your readers.

Custom Design

You can choose from a set of predefined designs or you can upload your own CSS into the eBook. This feature is not available for all formats.

Free updates

MPL - Publisher will always be free so you will be updated with new features we will be providing. Don't forget to check the plugin's page for more news.

Instant installation

Just go to your Dashboard's Plugins page and search for MPL - Publisher from the WP.org repository. The plugin will be available on your Tools menu.

MPL - Publisher Best Features

  • Download your eBook as EPUB2.0, 3.0, Docx and more
  • Add a widget to your sidebar to self-sell your book
  • Add aditional book chapters and edit current content
  • Include your custom CSS styles into your books
And many more
MPL - Publisher Dashboard

MPL - Publisher is a plugin to create an ebook from your WordPress posts. The plugin's main purpose is to help writers solving the how to create an ebook problem the simplest possible way, easing the process of converting your ebook to ePub, pdf, kindle books, Mobi... etc.

The plugin is still in an early development stage (check the features section and roadmap to future releases) and open to any comments, bugs or issues you may have. Use the MPL - Publisher Support Forum.


If you like MPL - Publisher you can write your own review and help others to know about this plugin.

" Realy simple, quik and efficient way to turn writer’s posts into downloadable ebooks. This is the perfect plugin concept to be developed for a writers’club. I’m expecting for new features like some server side file manager or some shortcode wich would embed the publisher in a frontend page. "


" This plugin now provides, by far, the best way to turn one or more WordPress posts into an ePub ebook. (If you want a Kindle version, just run the ePub through Kindle Previewer.) Perhaps the best aspect, though, is the outstanding support by the developer, who is clearly determined to keep improving it. Thank you! "